Mission & History

California Bear Credit Union has always been committed to the best interest of our members. That’s why we were founded in the beginning, and it’s something we still believe in today. When you bank with us, you’re more than just a number – you’re a member and a co-owner.

Our Mission

Provide the best quality of financial and credit products and services to meet the needs of our members.

Provide products and services at fair, competitive prices, and to invest excess funds in such a manner that the return on those investments will contribute to capital growth and financial stability of the credit union.

Safeguard the assets of our members and adequately control risk.

Provide our employees with a working environment that allows for their personal and professional growth and that recognizes their contribution to the growth and success of the credit union.


California Bear Credit Union was born and raised right here in Los Angeles. Like our members and the Golden State itself, we’ve grown and evolved over time.

We were founded by Douglas Argyle Campbell and chartered as California State Employees Credit Union No. 3 on August 31, 1933 by the State of California. At the time, our field of membership was limited to State employees who worked “south of the Tehachapi Mountains.”

In 1983, we changed our name to California Bear Credit Union to acknowledge our ability to serve a broader, more diverse field of membership.

Much of our growth over the years has come from mergers with other credit unions. We’ve also grown by adding select employer groups such as Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Services and All American Home Centers, and extending our services to several other public agencies like the Community Redevelopment Agency and Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. In 2006, we were approved to add the community of Metro Los Angeles (36 zip codes in and around downtown Los Angeles) to our field of membership.

Throughout much of our history, our logo was the silhouette of a bear looking left into a red sun. In 2016, we decided to update our logo to reflect our more modern personality and a renewed commitment to serving our members. In our new logo, our bear is looking up and to the right – at the future, just like we are.