Estate Planning

Surprisingly, many individuals and families believe they have sufficient plans in place should a death in the family occur. But what they aren’t aware of is the fact that their beneficiaries stand to lose a large percentage of their inheritance due to federal and state probate laws, taxes, and fees. California Bear Credit Union has partnered with a group called CU Plan that will educate you and protect you from this very real dilemma. We offer free webinars to provide you with information on estate planning including living trusts, wills, IRAs and other topics. Each webinar in our “Virtual Classroom” is only five to six minutes long. Plus when you’re ready to start your own estate plan, just click the “I Want to Start My Trust Plan Now” link on our Virtual Classroom site.

During our webinars, you’ll hear from our Legacy Planning Media Educator, Craig Nelson as well as legal expert, author and national speaker, Danielle Mayoras. Danielle presents her guide to living trusts and powers of attorney. Her online video classes have a variety of information and tips to help you plan for and protect your family’s future. You will also learn about IRA planning and concepts taught by Craig that could help save your family thousands of dollars in taxation!